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5 Plants to Clear Your Lungs With Every Breath

The lungs are organ with a cone shape which are located in the chest cavity, and making up most of the lower respiratory tract. They pass the oxygen into the body and are one of the 5 elimination systems. Briefly said, their role is to provide oxygen to capillaries, so faster that they can oxygenate the blood. It’s worth mentioning that the lungs are one of the largest organs in our bodies, as their tissue is nearly 40 times bigger compared to the body’s outer surface.

It is unfortunate that living in a modern world in which the air is filled with dust, chemicals, pollutants, pollen and various bacteria, they affect the lungs. Put it simply, toxins and seasonal allergies take a toll on our lungs. Deep breathing is one of the basic steps that shall be taken in order to eliminate toxins and promote the health of the lungs. Only ten percent of t…