Never Throw These Out again! They Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars

All of us are familiar with those silica gel packets that are labeled “DO NOT EAT”. We can find them in the box of our new shoes, handbags or dried seaweed. Most often we throw them away because we don’t know how to use them. Continue reading and you’ll find out some interesting ideas about how useful these silica gel packets can be.

Maybe it’s not obvious but the kitchen is the most humid place of our home. Whenever we cook or boil something in the kitchen all the moist goes into the air. Whereas the moisture can be ideal for the plants that we keep in the kitchen, it’s not so ideal for the dried spices, sugar or other powder ingredients. You may be nervous when you’ll find those ingredients have clumped up but you know the moist is guilty for that.

Luckily, you don’t have to move your spice cabinet away from the kitchen because that’s the place where you most need it. You can use silica gel packets to keep the spices from clumping up. They are even great if you throw them into bags of potatoes and other sprouting vegetables.

Don’t let the label discourage you because silica gel or silicon dioxide is the same thing as what sand is made of. Just think about what happens when you pour a bit of water onto sand. It absorbs in, just in the same way silica gel absorbs in the environment.  The warning sign is for children because silica gel packets can be a choking hazard for them. But you can use them without worrying that it will make you sick because silica gel is non-toxic substance.

Toss them into your jars or tape them to the lids and prevent your herbs and spices from clumping. If you notice that your packets aren’t performing as well as they were at the beginning, you can bake silica gel in the oven (but first you need to remove its papers packaging) to recharge it so you could use it again.

Beside these amazing uses in the kitchen, you can use silica gel for many other things:

  • Dry out your cell phone

Don’t panic if you accidentally have dropped your phone in a pool, in the toilet or if you have spilled some water on it. Silica gel packets will save the day. You need to remove the battery and any memory cards from the phone. Then toss your phone in a bowl filled with silica gel packets. Leave it for at least a night before powering it on again.

  • Keep important documents safe

If you are keeping your important documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, social security cards stored in files in a box, desk, cabinet or envelope add a few packets of silica gel and make sure that they are safe.

  • Protect Halloween decorations

If you notice that your Halloween carvings are getting soft but the holidays aren’t over yet, toss a silicon packet or two inside and they will last longer.


  • Dry your clothes when travelling

This tip will most certainly come in handy when it comes to your bathing suit or towels. If you don’t have enough time to wait until they are completely dry, pack a few silica gel packets along with them and travel safe while the silica soaks up all the moisture.

  • Extend the life of your expensive razor

Oxidation is to blame for your razor blades pre-mature dulling. So, you need to stop storing your razor in the open air where it is exposed to moisture that causes oxidation. Instead, keep it in a jar filled with silica gel packets. When you are done shaving, put the wet blade into the jar and let the silica extract the excess water and prevent oxidation.

  • Freshen your gym bag

Keep a few silica gel packets in your gym bag to freshen it up. Silica will absorb the moisture from the bag, and less moisture means less bacteria and no bad smell.

  • Stop camera condensation

If you love taking photos and you take your camera everywhere you go, this tip will be very useful for you. This trick will stop lens or camera condensation. When you take your camera outside on a cold weather it can face condensation when you bring it back into a warm room. You need to remove the battery, the memory card and the lens if it’s applicable. Then place the camera in a bowl of silica gel packets and let the silica suck up the moisture.

  • Prolong the use of bulk pet food

If you are buying a big bulk bag of dried food for your pet, you should tape a silica gel packet to the edge of the bag in order to make it last longer.

  • Fight condensation

One of the things we are fighting with in winter is condensation on our windows. All you need to do is keep a few silica gel packets on the sill to absorb the moisture. This tip can also be useful for foggy windshield in your car.

  • Dry flowers faster

Dried flowers can make an interesting decoration but sometimes the drying process is too long and at the end the flowers would sooner die than be totally dried. If you want to speed up the process of drying, place a bouquet in a plastic bag and add a few silica gel packets in it.

  • In gardening

If you have your own garden and you save your own seeds for planting the next year then it’s very important to store them some place where they won’t mold. Store your different seeds in small envelopes and put them in an airtight container together with a few silica gel packets.

  • Protect your silver and jewelry from tarnishing

Humidity can lead to tarnish and corrosion on your silver and jewelry. Keep a few silica gel packets in your jewelry box or your silverware drawer and keep moisture under control.

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